I am working in InstallShield 11 Professional Edition. I created a Basic MSI Project.
The resulting package had a ReadmeInformation dialog. I did not want it to appear.
I set its Visible property to False, but it still appeared in the sequence.
So, I deleted it from the project !

Now, the resulting setup.exe crashes during running, complaining about "Internal Error 2803. NoDialog".
So, I would like to bring the ReadmeInformation dialog back into the project.
Yet I cannot seem to find where it is so that I could add it back in.
I opened a different project, and the dialog does not appear there either.

So, I uninstalled & then reinstalled InstallShield 11 Professional in order to get back to a "clean" state where the dialog would hopefully exist.
But, it did not help. The dialog is missing.

How can I get this dialog back into my InstallShield ?

Thank you,

Asher Meth
Excalibur Systems
Jerusalem, Israel