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Thread: WFM 6.5 - all users can create new reports, even SQL

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    WFM 6.5 - all users can create new reports, even SQL


    We are using AES, WorkflowManager 6.5. We have imported the USERS account from AD into WFM. Then, we created a "Requestor" Role, and assigned that role to the Users Group. We are trying to limit the users to just submitting and viewing requests and and viewing reports.
    However, when we try to deselect the Report Center options under Role Permissions, then we hit submit, when we go back into the Role Permissions, the 2 highest level check marks come back, and the users are still able to add/edit/delete any report they wish, even using the SQL method. Obviously we wouldn't want that.
    Attached is a screenshot showing the checkmarks off, then the checkmarks coming back after hitting submit and opening the role details back up. Is there something we're missing here? There has to be a way to limit non-administrators to just VIEWING reports. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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