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Thread: options file REPORTLOG results in garbled text

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    options file REPORTLOG results in garbled text

    Can you please tell me what may be causing garbled text in my report log? This is from the .rl file

    11:58:46 (lmgrd) -----------------------------------------------
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) Please Note:
    11:58:46 (lmgrd)
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) This log is intended for debug purposes only.
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) In order to capture accurate license
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) usage data into an organized repository,
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) please enable report logging. Use Acresso Software Inc.'s
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) software license administration solution,
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) FLEXnet Manager, to readily gain visibility
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) into license usage data and to create
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) insightful reports on critical information like
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) license availability and usage. FLEXnet Manager
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) can be fully automated to run these reports on
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) schedule and can be used to track license
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) servers and usage across a heterogeneous
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) network of servers including Windows NT, Linux
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) and UNIX. Contact Acresso Software Inc. at
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) for more details on how to
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) obtain an evaluation copy of FLEXnet Manager
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) for your enterprise.
    11:58:46 (lmgrd)
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) -----------------------------------------------
    11:58:46 (lmgrd)
    11:58:46 (lmgrd)
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) pid 4460
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) Detecting other license server manager (lmgrd) processes...
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) Done rereading
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) FLEXnet Licensing (v11.7.0.0 build 73797 i86_n3) started on <server> (IBM PC) (3/20/2013)
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) Copyright (c) 1988-2009 Acresso Software Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) US Patents 5,390,297 and 5,671,412.
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) World Wide Web:
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) License file(s): C:\Program Files (x86)\<path to license>
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) lmgrd tcp-port 27000
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) Starting vendor daemons ...
    11:58:46 (lmgrd) Started tmpinc (pid 4628)
    11:58:46 (tmpinc) FLEXnet Licensing version v11.7.0.0 build 73797 i86_n3
    11:58:46 (tmpinc) Using options file: "<path to opt file>"
    11:58:46 (tmpinc) EXPIRED: v
    11:58:46 (tmpinc) EXPIRED: s
    11:58:46 (tmpinc) Server started on <server> for: v
    11:58:46 (tmpinc) s
    11:58:46 (tmpinc) EXTERNAL FILTERS are OFF
    11:58:46 (tmpinc) RESERVING 3 vision/7A974AB50697 licenses for USER_GROUP s
    11:58:46 (tmpinc) RESERVING 2 vision/7A974AB50697 licenses for USER_GROUP b
    11:58:46 (tmpinc) RESERVING 3 slim/56AF50603F22 licenses for USER_GROUP s
    11:58:46 (tmpinc) RESERVING 2 slim/56AF50603F22 licenses for USER_GROUP b
    # FLEXnet Licensing Report Log, 20 March, 2013 (11:58), "tmpinc" on "<server>" FLEXnet Licensing v11.7.0.0 build 73797 i86_n3
    Z5 5 0
    9 Gk={hjg4ReG\*) *a!Wn|YCYV@q -aX||7O$$AYY*F\\=C nQ&~K~lGG}CC`
    gA[ V5BBybbdJccFlp?MM_w--GBq>Ua+Z3rrg%%}loo|SloM5441R@^/LsY6fBBx
    :{XW(.G2h>;uB]]qJEn4|1l!:aJ* )vhhbAeapYDR<\gD5yx]RRJt''iulyyu
    eOis)p``0''=K11V@BC ?a[[3`~fwxLh%__e**$@^^HP@^ pQQFb"Uv4{]Ro``X

    etc etc etc

    This is the last few lines of the .opt file that creates the output:
    #Report log creation of a report log (RL) file
    #The plus sign (+) preceding the report log file path indicates that the license manager should append to the report log instead of overwriting it ie.REPORTLOG +C:\Reports\MyServer.rl
    REPORTLOG +"C:\Program Files (x86)\license\log.rl"

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    I think the FlexNet Publisher license administration guide describes what's going on: a report log's contents are compressed and authenticated so that FlexNet Manager can make use of the data. The debug log, on the other hand, is plain text (the lines at the top of what you posted that start with timestamps and lmgrd/tmpinc). So for the report log, the contents are expected to look that way.

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