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Thread: Quality issues in InstallShield Express

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    Quality issues in InstallShield Express

    We are considering the full products of InstallShield. However these quality issues in the Express Edition that is part of Visual Studio 2012 do not look very promising:

    a) Custom Action

    In section "5) Define Setup Requirements and Actions" only some actions are offered for the Express Edition. One of these is the action "After Setup Complete Success Dialog". Here the setting to execute an application that has been installed is NOT executed by the Installer.

    b) Launch afterwards

    It is possible to launch an application after the setup in the step Application Interview. However the execution of a .NET WPF Application offen leads to a situation that the started App is behind all the other windows. To overcome this the Application has to be changed to bring itself to topmost. Furthermore it is not possible to remove the option and to always force the start of the application (as a work around for problem a).

    c) Product URL

    If the Publisher uses a name that is different from the link in Publisher URL there is a strange update effect. If you enter for publisher the URL will change to First I do not want the field to be updated or changed. Sometimes this also happens just after reopening the project. Second the enforced ending is wrong for most countries outside of the US.

    d) .Net 2.0 prerequisite

    It is not possible to set .Net 2.0 as a prerequisite. For some rare cases this might be helpful.

    e) SWIDTAG

    We are using our own Product Code. In this situation the file for the SWIDTAG was not created. On a fresh new project with unchanged product code the same settings created the file.

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    Arrow how do we add files ??

    Hello Guys,

    I have a genuine problem which might or might not be solved till now. I am developing a software in c# VS 2013. I have been using the regular publishing method of the VS. But i wanted to use Instal Shield, so i started using it. So, the problem is that, i have two projects [which are combined to give out the desired results]. The regular publish method does not ask me what kind of files do i require, as it simply publishes the main content through which i can install and use the application. but when i am using install shield, it has a page called as application files, where i have to particularly specify which files are needed for the installation setup file. But i do not have an idea exactly what files are needed. how can i overcome this problem ? Please help me guys. I hope i have not disturbed anyone by asking a simple question. Hoping for a nice solution, soon. thank you in advance.

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