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Thread: Problem downloading redistributables

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    Problem downloading redistributables


    We have InstallShield Premier Spring 2012 and some of the redistributables will not download.

    Microsoft.Net Framework 3.5 will download, but
    Microsoft.Net Framework 3.0 will Not download.

    I am running Windows 7, admin login and the program is running as administrator. Yet for the Microsoft.Net Framework 3.0 we get an error message:

    "The download failed; make sure you are running as Administrator, and tat your machine is connected to the Internet. Would you like to try again?"


    Thank You

    Stephen Simpson

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    Nov 2012

    Cannot download Microsoft.Net Framework 3.0

    The link within the prerequisit does not work. This link is

    It tries to download dotnetfx3_exe and then fails saying dotnetfx3_exe couldn't be downloaded.

    So how does one proceed?


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