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Thread: Suite Extension DLL - access feature properties

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    It did help a lot, once i had eventually tracked it down. I think it was the def file that made the difference.



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    Glad to hear you got it working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hysteresis View Post
    Well the basic steps are:

    1. Look at Michael's excellent blog "Validating User Input in a Suite Project". This is pretty comprehensive.
    2. Download the VC++ 2010 Express example.
    3. Download and install VC++ 2010 Express if you don't have another alternative.
    3. Modify the SuiteCalc project as required to provide your validation functions and create the extension DLL. Preferably change its name!
    4. Make calls to the extension functions in your suite installer where appropriate.
    5. Load your new extension DLL into the suite project as a support file.

    Hope this helps.
    Hello all, i'm currently trying to create a dll for a suite package, and search all over the internet this sample without success.
    Do you know where the samples available in the flexera blog (from 2011-2012) could be found?
    Do you have the SuiteCalc sample somewhere and does somebody can let me have access to it?

    Thanks a lot

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    Dec 2017
    Hello i'm currently working on a dll for a suite package. And on the flexera blog i found the articles with samples and the one you talk about here
    The problem is the link is not working anymore and i get a 404 when i click on it.

    Do you know where these samples are now? Is there a way to download them and to see how the functions are called?
    If the samples are not on the internet anywhere, could someone have them and can send to me a copy of it? First the but the others from the flexera blog could be nice too.

    Thanks and regards

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