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Thread: Target Drive Changed From C: to D:

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    Arrow Target Drive Changed From C: to D:


    I have a question for the community.

    My installation gets put on the D: drive for my clients occasionally when I want it to stay on the C: drive. I would prefer to avoid "hard coding" the targetdir for the obvious reasons, if possible.

    Is there a way I can keep dynamic links, avoid hard coding, etc. but ensure that the targetdir remains on the C: drive? Or at least give the user the control to choose, so I can tell them to always pick the C: drive?

    Also, how is the MSI deciding to install to D: instead of C:? Is it choosing based on free drive space, etc?


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    Yes, it'll be choosing based on the hard disk with the most free space. It's related to the way your TARGETDIR is resolving.

    check out ROOTDRIVE property..


    By adding a ROOTDRIVE property with a value of C:\ will force the msi to always install to C:

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