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Thread: 64-bit DLL Custom Action: Failed to extract file error

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    64-bit DLL Custom Action: Failed to extract file error

    I have a dll implementing a couple of custom actions that are used in a 64-bit msi installer.

    When the dll is built as 32-bit dll, the custom action loads and runs just fine. When the same dll is built as 64-bit, the installer tells me "InstallShield DLL Custom Action: Failed to extract file 'mycustomaction.dll' from the binary table."

    The installer includes components that are marked as 64-bit, and the Template Summary is set to "x64;1033".

    Any ideas how I can get a 64-bit DLL to work as a custom action?


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    Based on the error you are seeing, it appears you are using a standard DLL custom action. This type of DLL action does not support 64-bit DLLs. It is recommended that MSI DLL type actions be used when authoring DLLs for custom actions, either 32-bit or 64-bit. See the help topic 'Calling Functions in Windows Installer DLL Files' for more information.
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