I created a basic msi project to install my driver along with the application.
The installshield setup.exe when run install the application.
It creates entry for the application and driver in Add/Remove Programs.

But the driver does not gets copied in system32/drivers folder neither does any services entry gets created for the driver in registry.
So I think the driver installation is failing.

When I check the setupapi.log I see the following message:
#-198 Command line processed: C:\WINDOWS\system32\MsiExec.exe -Embedding 53CDAD96AA76D1CF8529455639F4C11C M Global\MSI0000
#W361 An unsigned, incorrectly signed, or Authenticode(tm) signed file "C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRVSTORE\demo_C75575E479C812639B6AF4FD115428E324056881\demo.inf" will be installed (Policy=Ignore). Error 0xe000022f: The third-party INF does not contain digital signature information.

What might be the cause of this problem and how to resolve it?