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Thread: Error Adding Service (HELP)

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    Error Adding Service (HELP)

    if (ServiceAddService(szServiceName,szServiceDislayName, "My Services",
    svServName, FALSE,"") < ISERR_SUCCESS ) the
    GetExtendedErrInfo(svScript,nvLineNum, nvError);
    svErrorMsg = FormatMessage(nvError);
    MessageBox(svErrorMsg, SEVERE);
    I check svSerName and it is correct path and name of .exe
    It does exist when the call is being made.

    svErrorMsg = The system cannot find the file specified


    line 167
    error 2

    Where is Service.rul?? I do not have a folder c:\codebases
    I can not find Service.rul on my box anywhere.
    I am suppose too??

    Is this why I get the error??
    svErrorMsg = The system cannot find the file specified

    Anybody ??

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    In case someone searches with the same problem here is what happened.
    Our product was installed with IS6 pro. When it was uninstalled the registry keys for both our Service and Device Driver where removed. The windows Service manager was not aware they where removed ( WSM reads registry at start up).

    When we tried to install with IS 2012 we are using ServiceAddService. The WSM returned it has a that service (was never informed is was removed)and does an open of that service. The open call is what has returned The system cannot find the file specified . The registry keys are missing.

    To solve it I add the keys manually and then add the service again and all worked well.

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