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Thread: FlexNet version 8.6 installations instructions

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    Exclamation FlexNet version 8.6 installations instructions


    Can anyone provide me a.s.a.p. with the installations requirements for the FlexNet Manager upgrae 8.5 to the 8.6.?

    • What are the Pre-installation requirements?
    • What should the customer do (de-install the 8.5) ?
    • How long will it take to do finisch this upgrade (x hours/days)
    • (Summary of the) Installations instructions.

    Thx in advance


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    Hi Zack,

    Try the "Upgrading your compliance console" chapter in the FlexNet Manager Platform 8.6 Installation Guide manual. It should contain all the key steps you need.

    We've just finished managing an upgrade of a large FNMP installation (managing several hundred thousand computers). The base steps to perform the upgrade were completed over a tightly choreographed 16 hours or so, and we allowed another 40 hours or so (elapsed) of testing and validation before releasing the system back for end users to access. Planning and preparation (including doing trial migration of the database, validating connectors and customizations with the new release, etc.) was done over the course of several weeks before the actual upgrade.

    Doing an upgrade can be somewhat complex, especially if you have any customizations in place. I would strongly recommend that you involve somebody who has experience doing upgrades of FlexNet Manager Platform in your plans.


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