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Thread: Silent install /r not recording

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    setup record iss not working

    hi DebbieL,

    i have the same problem and when browsing i happened to see your response.
    as you mentioned, silent response file is not applicable to Basic MSI projects.
    i have developed a windows 8 driver and we need to provide silent installation support.
    i have created the setup.exe for the driver installation using Basic MSI project.
    does that mean that i will not be able to auto generate .iss file using setup /r ?
    InstallScript projects do not give option for "Project" -> "Device Driver Wizard". So how can a driver developer provide silent installation option?

    please let me know how to proceed.


    Quote Originally Posted by DebbieL View Post
    The silent response file is applicable to InstallScript projects in the Premier and Professional editions of InstallShield. Express projects (or Basic MSI projects in the Premier or Professional editions) do not create or read response files.

    To run an Express installation silently, all you need to do is type the following at the command line:
    msiexec /i Product.msi /qn

    If your release settings include Setup.exe, you can run the following command:
    Setup.exe /s /v"/qn"

    I hope that helps.

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    Basic MSI projects have support for silent installations. If, let's say, you want end users to be able to configure two different property values when launching through the command line (instead of entering values through the user interface of your installation), your end users can use something like this:
    Setup.exe /v"/l*v c:\test.log MYPROPERTY1=value1 MYPROPERTY2=value2 /qn"

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    I'm testing InstallShield because I want to create unatended packages intallation (MSI) from any kind of applications,

    I have seen that only that app create the package or bring together all the apps but not to install the apps, I want ti know if InstallShield is like a WinZip, if not, How can I create completely silent MSI installer, not only bring together all the apps if not also the complete apps installation (wizards). Is it possible?
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