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Thread: Size in Windows Programs and Features

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    Size in Windows Programs and Features

    After an install of my product, the size information is not filled in under control panel -> programs and features. Has anyone else encountered this?

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    I have seen this issue in Windows 7, what is your target system?
    As far as I know Flexera is aware of this issue. But anyway you can check with them.


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    I have also seen this problem in Windows 7, but interestingly it does not happen in Windows XP.

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    RE: Size in Windows Programs and Features

    I have an install built with InstallShield 2011 for Windows 7 and my application's size does appear in the Programs and Features area of the Control Panel. Maybe there is an issue with InstallAnywhere?

    [However, even though it is listed it is not the correct size. The entire installation directory was ~440 MB and the size was 262.]

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