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Thread: Installed driver version checking.

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    Installed driver version checking.


    I am new to the Windows Installer /Install shield, and would like to ask your help about my problem.

    We have a NDIS protocol driver which should be shared by the customers, and release the merge module.
    As the driver is a NDIS protocol driver, I had to write own install app which calls INetCfg, and the driver is installed by the app through the custom action of the merge module.

    I am now looking for the way to check the driver version if the driver has already installed into the target system to avoid downgrading.

    Are there any way to check the installed driver version or merge module version?

    Thank you very much for your help.

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    The best place to post this question would be in one of the InstallShield-specific community forums:

    (This Flexera Software Website Feedback forum is for comments about the site.)

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