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Thread: Selection Tree Control

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    Selection Tree Control

    Does anybody know how the Selection Tree control works? Basically in Basic MSI it is use in CustomSetup if end user selected custom install. Now my situation is I want to use similar situation but in uninstall condition. I want end user can select which features they want to remove (not all). I dont have an idea how to change it to uninstall situation. Please share if anybody know.


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    If you right click the installed program in Add Remove Programs and select Modify option it will allow you to select/deselect features that you want to uninstall.

    If you want to disable Remove or Repair options on that dialog, in your InstallShield project, you can go to Installation Information > General Information tab and set Disable Remove Button or Disable Repair Button to YES.

    If you need to customize the uninstall sequence more than this, I would recommend converting it to Installscript MSI project as it will make things easier. Basically, you will need to override either OnMaintUIBefore event or OnUninstall() event. It is pretty easy to do.
    - SK

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