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Thread: SQL 2011 Express SP1 fails

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    SQL 2011 Express SP1 fails


    This is my 1st time with IS and so far so good...

    I am creating an install to a single image and have 2 pre-requesits...
    1) .NET 4.0 Full
    2) SQL Express SP1 (x86)
    In the Redistributables item I make sure that I have both .NET & SQL checked AND changed the settings to "Download from the web"

    When I run the install all goes well... the .NET goes out and downloads it from MS, but when it gets to SQL Express SP1 it says that it needs SQL to be installed... good so far... I press OK and it jumps to the finished window w/failure SQL.

    I assume that I have missed something as the .NET install works.
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    Are you able to install the SQL Express SP1 (x86) setup outside InstallShield manually?
    Hidenori Yamanishi - Senior Software Engineer - Flexera Software: InstallShield Team

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    SQL Express install

    Yes I am able to install SQL on its one then uninstall it.

    I also realized that I need to be installing SQL Express R2 I have changed the requirements and about to test the new perimeter I'll get back with the results.

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