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Thread: Flexlm not reading Solaris Sun demo licenses

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    Flexlm not reading Solaris Sun demo licenses

    should I be concerned about:
    Total Licenses : 0 Licenses Available : 0
    in the cc -xlicinfo output?

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    I'm not familiar with their cc implementation, so I can only guess what -xlicinfo does. In general, though, a count of zero means "uncounted", so as long as compilation works...

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    Converting to an unrestricted node license for Sun WorkShop 6

    [QUOTE=kartikflexlm;460080]We had a licensing issue on one of our servers. We are using Sun Workshop compilers and the Flex license manager. The Sun Workshop compilers are EOL by Sun and Sun no longer supports this product. The compilers seem to use Flexlm for getting their licenses.

    Sun has a procedure for granting unending any node license to those still using the compilers, I followed the procedure set by Sun at: it does not seem to work because the license manager gives errors. The users however are able to run their compiles on the system. I am concerned that this may be a temporary success.


    Hi Kartikflexlm,

    I was wondering if you resolved your license issue as I'm having a similar problem.

    The company I joined recently has an old Sun server running Solaris 8 and Sun WorkShop 6 software with a node-locked license. The hardware has failed and we are attempting to recover from a backup. If the backup needs to be restored to a different host then the hostid will be different and the license/compilers won't work.

    There are some options on the Internet for changing hostid settings but I'd prefer to get a new license as mentioned in your posting. When I followed your web link, I was brought to a generic Oracle site so I was wondering if you had more details about the license conversion process.

    I will also try to follow up with Oracle to see if they will consider supporting such an old Sun product.

    Thank you,


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    Sun Workshop compilers and the Flex license manager

    We tried changing the hostid but that did not work. We switched over to gcc.....
    I think the errors are expected and that the compiler will work
    Oracle has discontinued ALL support - calling them won't help
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