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Thread: Problems with silent install on Windows 7 (64 bit)

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    Problems with silent install on Windows 7 (64 bit)


    I am using InstallAnywhere 8.0.1 Enterprise to build an installer for our product. This silently installs another exe built again with InstallAnywhere of the same version. Everything works fine on 32 bit machine, but when I try to install the same on 64 bit Windows 7 machine, the secondary package would not install. When I install the secondary exe alone, this is installing fine so it might not be an issue with pre-requisites, I guess.

    I ran as Administrator to make sure it is not because of UAC.

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    You should be aware that as Windows 7 was not released back at the time IA 8.0.1 was released, so Windows 7 is not officially supported. While it may work, as it is the case with the normal installation, indeed this might mean exactly what happens to you, installer not working in silent mode.

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