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Thread: Error while checking for instances

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    You can't use instance management to perform an upgrade install. When you select an existing installation it really runs the old install in maintenance mode and not your new install at all.

    So to use it you really need to select to install a new instance and the user would have to know to select the same install folder.

    To get the old values from the previous install, you can read the properties files in the old installs uninstall folder. IA has a custom code utility to read in property files. I modified it to read in only the values I'm interested in instead of excluding what I don't want.

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    I am getting the same issue.
    "An error occured while trying to manage the selected instance."
    We are using IAW 2011 SP3.
    Please do the needful ASAP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richakamal View Post
    Wow. This is really nice information. I have kept a note of it.
    The issue indeed was because my Create Uninstaller action was referring to Common component instead of the uninstall component.
    But now I face another issue
    When I select the add features, it takes me to the Choose Install set panel. But all the features and next button are disabled there.
    I changed the product version and a component version and also updated a file. Even then it is always coming as disabled. How do I proceed ahead with the installation now?
    Please let me know where will this Uninstaller action will be??

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