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Thread: AllUsers Dialog

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    AllUsers Dialog

    I think i may be a bit off here, but i need to wrap my head around something.

    1. There used to be a dialog with installshield that Radio Buttoned whether you wanted to install for this user or all users. Am i imagining this? Or did it used to exist?

    2. If that dialog was present, and you did check 'Install for all users', is that the same as adding the ALLUSERS=1 Property?

    3. If it's not the same as ALLUSERS=1 property, what did it do internally? And is it possible to have it reappear?

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    Assuming you're talking about InstallShield Pro/Premier, it's not your imagination. See the InstallShield 2010 help topic "Per-User vs. Per-Machine Installations" (search for "ALLUSERS") for current information.

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