i want to create a behaviour which is quite hard to describe, but i try it anyway:

i want to create a custom dialog with two or three textareas and "changefolder" push buttons (for each textarea) on it.

object object "behaviour"
textarea1 pushbutton1 INSTALLDIR
textarea2 pushbutton2 INSTALLDIR\Directory2
textarea3 pushbutton3 INSTALLDIR\Directory3

now i want to be able to influence the directories e.g. textarea2 and textarea3 by pushing only pushbutton1 so that they show subdirectories depending on textarea1.

furthermore with pressing pushbutton2 it should be possible to change the directory ("textarea2") independently of textarea1.

until now always when i try to achieve this behaviour i struggle with [_browseproperty] - property to change two properties at the same time (in Installchange dialog).

any suggestions how to create such a dialog with this behaviour?