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Thread: Win64 is not supported

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    One more thing...

    If I choose not to bundle VM with installer, both installation and uninstallation are fine. But registry entries are made under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE and not under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node.

    Does this mean 64 bit OS treating my application as 64 bit application?

    If VM is bundled, resitry entries are made under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node.

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    okay... and why doesn't Flexera do this for us ?

    Why do we have to do this ?

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    How can I add iawin64_64x.dll in the resource folder under Uninstall. I don't see any subfolder named resource in Uninstall through IA. What rules I need to add
    to include the file in resource sub folder.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    I faced this same issue on IA 2012. This is my thoughts on the issue for anyone curious. I have not thoroughly tested this theory yet so it may not be correct, but it makes sense to me:

    I bundle a 32-bit VM with my windows installers (choosing 'with VM'). If you also select for this VM to be installed on the system (under Project->JVM settings), then this works fine because the uninstaller uses the exact same VM the installer used. If you bundle a 32-bit VM, then the uninstaller will always use that 32-bit VM. If you do not select to install the bundled VM, then the bundled VM is only used during installation and is then deleted. That means the uninstaller will have to search the machine for a jre to use.

    IA assumes that if you package a 32-bit VM, then the uninstaller will use a 32-bit VM as well and therefore does not need the 64-bit dll. This is the wrong assumption as a 32-bit installer run on a 64-bit machine could use a 64-bit jre. This is why you need to manually add the 64-bit dll to your install section.

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