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Thread: using sqljdbc.jar file

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    Sep 2008
    i am still not able to see the links
    Is the workaround mentioned at is same as in the links?
    --> this link tell to have the required jar inside ext directory of bundled jre.(so as to put it in classpath.)

    Is there any other way to put it in the classpath?

    Can I turn off this signed jar check which is done at the boot of installer?

    what should i be doing?

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    The links worked for me. Please find attached the pages they open!
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    Sep 2008
    Thank you.
    Will the following workaround work?
    Load the jar at runtime.
    I am able to load a jar runtime, if the path of the jar is known.

    So, if I just include the sqljdbc.jar (not as dependency but just install file),
    How do I get the path of the sqljdbc.jar (may be in temporary directory) ?
    Is there any way to get the jar path during the 'installation panel progress'.

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    usg sqljdbc jar

    Hi qqqqqq

    Did you ever get any resolution on your sqljdbc.jar manifest error that you were seeing? I am seeing the same symptoms.

    Thanks... -Pete

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    Most likely this is a sealed jar file. I thought that IA extracts all of your dependency jar files and then creates one big one.
    What you can try to do is to "install" the jar file to a temp directory, then load the jar file into a classloader, then you should be able to use it.
    Search the old forums for ClassPathHacker.

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