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Thread: How to change the File Version of the Setup.exe file?

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    Resource Editors

    I've had success with ResHacker, but it's no longer being developed. There is a link to a similar open source tool, XN Resource Editor, which also seems to work. I don't know if there is a way to automate either of these tools.

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    File Version needs to have 4 fields

    Quote Originally Posted by Clue.Clueless View Post

    Here is an interesting one.

    I'm using IS2008 building an InstallScript MSI project. I'm wondering how do you change the file version of the Setup.exe file built? This file version I'm talking about is the one you see on the Version tab of the Properties dialog of the setup.exe file (right click on the setup.exe file and then select Properties on Windows XP/select Details on VISTA).

    It is not the same as the application version you entered in General Information, though I think it should be.

    Anyone has any idea about this one? Thanks for helping.

    I read here "" that you need to specify 4 digits for your Product Version in order to setup File Version otherwise InstallShield will fill the missing digits with zeros.

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