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Thread: ServiceAddService returns -1

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    This probably means that the service did not start in the time alloted by the function. Try calling GetExtendedErrInfo, this may give you more error information.

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    ServiceAddService returns a generic success/failure message and the error message can be gathered by calling GetLastError().

    More info can be found here:

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    The reason for using this script is to give user notifications and it is not flexible enough to run it either under System account or user account depending on user settings during installation.

    GetExtendedErrInfo gives empty string.

    GetLastError is a Windows API function invoked by GetExtendedErrInfo.
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    If you mean to say that you give the user a choice as to what account to use to install the service, the ServiceInstall table's StartName and Password columns are formattable. You could create a dialog that collects the information into properties and then use that to create the service.

    There are a couple ugly spots in MSI when it comes to authenticating the provided credentials and assining the LogonAsService right however.
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    So you're saying that the GetExtErrorInfo's 3rd parameter is returning 0?

    Based on how those APIs are invoked, I can't imagine a situation in which that's really possible, but if that's what you're seeing then it sounds like maybe an exception is being thrown.

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