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Thread: Standalone Build availability

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    It is foul play!

    Hello, I don't understand this company.
    They remove an important feature from a professional software.
    A premium software is a special edition, including all features.
    An express software is a low level software, this is okay without SAB, and the yahoo toolbar support.
    But I don't understand, with the professional software edition I get the
    "Value Added Services --> yahoo toolbar", which I never will use as honest an reliable software devoloper, and I lose a "professional" feature?
    It's not fun, it is foul play!

    It is an amateur edition, not a professional edition.

    I hope I get time in my company, to search for a better product.
    Have anybody any idea?

    Best regards

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    Angry Not happy

    This, quite frankly, is ridiculous and has prompted me to come out of a four year lurking stint to agree with the posters above. SAB is a critical feature and essential to any build system. Dealing with Installshield's many "quirks" these last few years has been a barely tolerable part of my working day but this downgrading is cynical and the last straw. I've just cancelled an upgrade for 3 Pro licenses while I try identify alternatives. If we can get SAB then ok but otherwise no deal Acresso.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nitsev View Post
    I talked to my sales resp. today and according to him there are no plans to include SAB in Pro. It is permanently moved to Premier so your options are to switch tool or upgrade. For us, upgrading to Premier and updating the maintenance agreement is almost €3000. Of course the yearly maintenance fee is also higher after that.
    It's interesting that you mention that. Two weeks ago I had an hour long back channel conversation with someone in management at Acresso and I was told that plans were in the work to address this issue. I gave this person the professional courtesy of keeping the discussion confidential while they executed a plan.

    In those two weeks, I've seen absolutely no communication or execution of a change in policy and I'm starting to believe that I was misled in order to keep me silent.
    Christopher Painter
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    We recognize that their may have been some confusion regarding the availability of the Standalone build with the release of InstallShield 2009. To assist our longtime loyal customers in this transition, we are granting access to the Standalone build functionality under the following criteria. Specifically, InstallShield 2008 Professional customers on active maintenance who also licensed InstallShield Professional 10.x or InstallShield Professional 11.x will be granted access to the Standalone build functionality.

    For future releases of InstallShield, the Standalone Build functionality will continue to be packaged exclusively with the Premier Edition as announced with the release of InstallShield 12 in 2006. InstallShield Professional customers looking to leverage the Standalone Build module will need to upgrade to the InstallShield Premier edition. Each full license of InstallShield Premier Edition includes 10 Standalone Build modules.

    Efforts are currently underway to update the Standalone build installer to support the model described above. Additional information will be posted to this community once these efforts are completed.

    Jeff Greenwald
    Director, Product Management
    Jeff Greenwald
    Director, Enterprise Product Management

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    Thank you Jeff.

    I think this gesture will help get Acresso off on the right foot in the minds of long time maintenance agreement holders.

    I think this serves (along with product details for IS2010 when released) as pretty much end of the line notice to all us long timers with pro versions on maintenance and allows us to make the difinitive choice to either continue our agreement, upgrade ONE license to Premier, stay with IS2009 or look elsewhere.

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