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Thread: Sticky This: List InstallAnywhere 2008 Bugs Here

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    Lightbulb Sticky This: List InstallAnywhere 2008 Bugs Here

    Let's start a thread to list InstallAnywhere 2008 bugs we need fixed in a Macrovision, incredibly delayed, patch release.

    I'll start:
    1. $PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER$ doesn't resolve correctly.
    2. JRE 1.6_04 Version Number information has changed and InstallAnywhere doesn't recognize it
    3. 2008 ships with JRE 1.6_02 and the Macrovision website only lists up to JRE 1.6_01 (Macrovision needs to get on the ball with point releases of the JRE, where's 03, 04? etc.)
    4. Bundled RefreshEnviornment plugin hangs 3/4 times and freezes the installer.
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    does this refresh environment plugin work at least once

    i want to know if this refresh environment plugin work at least once

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    RefreshEnviornment Plugin


    Yes I've seen this work on some machines.
    Most of the time it hangs the installer though.


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    Thumbs down Bugs I've Noticed

    1. VM Selection Panel does not discover Java 1.6 VM's or VM's installed on drivers other than C in Windows
    2. Despite deselecting the option to deal with locked files on reboot in windows, this behavior still occurs.
    3. When the Install stage has a delete task and an install task that overlaps, and any of the related files are locked, the installer will delete those files on reboot but not install the new ones.

    That's what I've noticed so far that isn't already in the first listing.

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    OS X and other issues

    - OS X icns resources get corrupted causing only a generic application icon to be displayed for launchanywhere apps
    - OS X 'In the Dock' installation of applications should be removed or fixed, it restores all minimized apps, displays an incorrect application name for the docked app, and it causes the dock to hide/re-appear for every app added to the dock
    - lax.jar is corrupted causing launchanywhere apps not to start, solution is to include lax.jar from the InstallAnywhere directory in you installation bundle and overwrite the one installed by the installer.

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