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Thread: How to disable the Cancel button

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    Disabling X button

    You may also disable X button , by de-registering the window listener. Assuming that you have guiAccess object,

    Frame frame = guiAccess.getFrame();
    Container parentContainer = frame;
    if(parentContainer instanceof JFrame) {
    JFrame jframe = (JFrame) parentContainer;
    WindowListener [] listeners =jframe.getWindowListeners();
    for(WindowListener listener: listeners) {
    if(!listener.getClass().getName().startsWith("java")) {

    Quote Originally Posted by ckanywhere529 View Post
    Thanks for the quick reply Yves. I got it running.
    I was being a moron and expecting GUIAccess gui to
    be initialized in a (using a same named LOCAL variable named gui lol)

    One thing I noticed is the X box is still active, but the CANCEL button is inactive.

    Any clue if this is something editable (from the looks of it, it doesn't look like part of the open IA api.)

    Also, the panel (Pre-installation summary) now reads "Next" instead of "Install" because of the custom panel used to do this.

    If the last panel returns false on setupUI, you'd think IA would catch this and display "install" on the second to last panel....

    A workaround is to put the disableCancelButtonPanel before Pre-installation summary.


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    Exclamation Still cannot disable Cancel button in IA2010


    I have implemented the solution suggested in this thread. I have confirmed the code is executed in my installer but the "Cancel" button still not being disabled (I think I saw a brief moment the Cancel button being gray out but enabled afterward). The only thing is that I am using IA2010, would it make a different. Please let me know if anyone run into same problem with IA2010 or have a solution for it.


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    Maybe this was a regression in IA2010, could you give it a try in the latest version, IA 2011?

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    Is your solution working for InstallAnywhere 2011 too or am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you
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