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Thread: Upgrade path problem

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    Upgrade path problem

    I have used ISX 12 to install a program. Now I have upgraded to ISX 2008 and cannot get the upgrade path to work correctly.

    When installing the new version it installs perfectly, even migrate features and all. But when I click on my desktop shortcut of the program the Windows Installer tries to run again, and since I don't cache the msi file locally it fails.

    I made a log file to try to see what made the installer run again, but it is not clear to me. I have attached the log file, if someone can have a look what made the new installation run the installer again after installation

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    Did you check the Event Viewer (in Administrative Tools)? You would look at the MsiInstaller entries. The MsiInstaller entry that gets logged when you try to launch your shortcut might help identify what Windows Installer is trying to do.

    I hope that helps.

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