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Thread: installshield 2008 over 11.5

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    installshield 2008 over 11.5

    We currently have 11.5 version of installshield. I am wondering, if it will have any advantage, if we upgrade to 2008 version, for our .Net project made in VS 2005 ?

    thanks in advance for help.

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    InstallShield 2008 Express Edition does include a lot of new functionality, plus a number of bug fixes, that are not available in InstallShield 11.5 Express Edition. Here are a few feature highlights:
    • A .NET Framework 3.0 setup prerequisite that you can add to Express projects if your application requires this version of the .NET Framework. If a target machine does not have this version, the installation installs it.
    • Support for the Windows Vista, as well as User Account Control functionality that Microsoft added for Windows Vista
    • Ability to digitally sign any files—including your product's executable files—in your installation at build time.

    For more details, see the InstallShield 2008 Express Edition release notes and the InstallShield 12 Express Edition release notes.

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