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Thread: Error 1158 - Can not use setup launcher options.

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    Angry Error 1158 - Can not use setup launcher options.

    Install Shield 2008 release build fails to execute with error 1158.

    The failure is caused by the IS Release Build, which fails to copy the language file (e.g. 0x0409.ini) to the release folder if any options are selected to include additional files in the setup (MSI Engine, .Net Runtime).

    Selecting either "Extract from Setup.exe" or "Download form WEB" options results in no language file in the release folder. The only option that works is "Copy from Source Media".
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    I have come across this problem and seem to have found two work arounds.

    I had created a Setup.exe with an external msi which had all files compressed in it - Installshield also created a setup.ini file and autorun.inf file here - however the required language.ini file was missing

    1 - I created a second setup that was not compressed, this menat I had a setup.exe and small msi and then all the files beside it.

    I found that if I copied the setup.exe created in an uncompressed build and replaced my other setup.exe which was sitting beside my compressed msi file, when I ran the setup.exe it worked fine.

    2 - The other solution was to:
    1: As above, create an uncompressed setup.exe and msi with all files
    2: Start the uncompressed setup.exe so that it extracts it's setup.ini and language .ini to the User Profile temp directory
    3: copy both the language ini file and the setup.ini and paste these back beside the original compressed Setup.exe and msi file that caused the problem.

    This new Setup.ini should now allow the setup.exe to run correctly


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