we have three main applications, A, B and C, all of which have to be installed separately with their own product name and version numbers. B und C share a large number of modules with quite a lot of components (in addition to their own large number of components...). A contains B and C. So far we have kept three setup projects making maintenance quite complex. All projects are pure InstallScript.
Now with migrating to IS2008 I thought of creating modules and reusing them in the projects. I thought that InstallScript Objects could do the trick, so I created a little test project (InstallScript) with a couple of features and converted it to an object afterwards as suggested by online help. When using this object in another little test setup, I got my FeatureSelectTree but it was empty, no object features were shown (although they were before conversion).
What am I doing wrong? Or maybe objects aren't meant to be nearly as complex as a whole setup project?
Is there a simple way to include setup modules in a project without losing functionality?

Thanks for any hint.
Rita Semmler