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Thread: Error 2343.Specified path is empty.

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    Error 2343.Specified path is empty.

    I've looked at the KB and related threads, but I don't see this addressed.

    I cloned the DestinationFolder and InstallChangeFolder dialogs to allow my users to select a secondary destination to copy a single file to. A system search gets the initial directory and sets it in a public property. That property is used by the text field in the DestinationFolder_Clone dialog, and in the three related controls in the InstallChangeFolder_Clone dialog.

    I added the file I want to copy to the DuplicateFiles table in the Direct Editor, so that it copies the installed file from the install directory to the user-specified folder.

    I placed the DestinationFolder_Clone dialog between the LicenseAgreement and ReadyToInstall dialogs in the user interface sequence.

    When run, I see the path from my registry is in the text field in the DestinationFolder_Clone. But when I click on the Change... button and call SpawnDialog on my InstallChangeFolder_Clone, I get "Error 2343.Specified path is empty."

    Running in the debugger, I can't see what's happening any better than I can when running normally. (Is there any way to inspect the innards here?) And the log file created doesn't give me any information, either; it just echoes that same error message, with no indication as to what path is empty, or what property or control it's referring to.

    Basically, I just want to know how to let the user browse to a secondary folder, so that a file can be copied. Anyone know how to fix this? Or at least how to tell exactly what's wrong?


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    I did something similar in my installation.
    Ray Pierce
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    Talking Yeah, baby!

    That got me going. Thanks!

    What was wrong was that I'd changed all mentions of _BrowseProperty to my public path property. I changed everything back to the way the original dialogs had it (except that the initial values come from my public property instead of INSTALLDIR like they do in the originals), and now my clones are working fine.

    Thanks a million!

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