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Thread: Will "Encoding issue" and "Name Space Issue" in "XML File change" be solved in IS1

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    Will "Encoding issue" and "Name Space Issue" in "XML File change" be solved in IS1

    I tested IS 12 beta 2, and saw those issues are still there.

    1. Encoding was changed from "utf-8" to "utf-16".
    2. If the element contains name space, the "XML File Change" will create a duplicate entry. For example:

    Original xml:

    <ArrayOfString xmlns:xsi=""
    <string>C:\Program Files\Console\</string>

    Created by "XML File Change":

    <ArrayOfString xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi=""></ArrayOfString>
    <string>Changed by Install</string>

    Those behaviors are not acceptable?

    Any solutions?

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    In regards to question #2...

    Starting with 11.5, there is a SelectionNamespaces column in the ISXMLFile table, which allows you to create your namespaces mappings and use them when updating the target XML. So, in this column, you would put something like:


    Then, if you want to update elements that are in this namespace, you prefix the element names show in the tree with this namespace mapping (e.g. MyNameSpace:ArrayOfString)

    This allows you to update XML files that contain namespaces, but there is no UI to make this easy. We recognize the need to improve this and are actively working on ways to add proper namespace support.

    In regards to question #1...

    This issue, unfortunately will not be fixed in the 12.0 RTM timeframe. Most likely in a service pack for 12.0 though. I haven't looked into the details, but I know we don't explicitly set the encoding anywhere in our code. We use MSXML to load, modify and save XML files and this is what changes the encoding. Beyond that, I'm not sure what the root cause is until I look into it more. However, we recognize this as an important issue.

    Probably not exactly what you wanted to hear, but that's an honest assessment of where things stand on both of these issues.

    Having said all that, I am probably the one who will make changes to the XML view (and runtime), so if you have any specific comments, questions, ideas or other feedback about the XML view send me a private message and I'll be happy to discuss the details offline.
    Martin Markevics
    Engineering Manager
    Flexera Software

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