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Thread: Detecting Flash player

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    Detecting Flash player

    I'm building an installer that requires me to detect flash player 7 or higher. Apparently the only way to detect Flash player is through an OCX file. But this file name keeps changing.

    For version lower than 8, the file name is Flash.ocx, for version above 8, the file name is Flash8.ocx, Flash8a.ocx. What if there's Flash8b.ocx ??

    Is there a way to solve this problem ? (unfortunately there's no soft-link like in Unix)

    Is there any Regex function in InstallScript?

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    Hey xandross,
    Hope I'm not too late:

    Macromedia KB Article


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    I found the solution.

    By the way, that KB from macromedia cannot be associated with InstallScript no ?

    Thanks for the info :-)

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    Hello xandross,

    I am having the same problem. Macromedia keeps changing the file name and it is impossible for me to figure out which version is running in the system. Could you please also tell me how did you resolve the problem?
    Another thing is that I need only to install the Plug-In Version 8.
    Do you know where I can get this Plug-In only?
    Thank you in advance!


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    did anyone work this out? I need to do the same pls. thanks.

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