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Thread: Adding release flags to an upgrade: how do I make it work?

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    Adding release flags to an upgrade: how do I make it work?

    Hi all,

    My question is: has anyone out there ever made the conditional inclusion of upgrade items in a build, using release flags, work?

    Here's my experience so far.

    I'm adding a minor upgrade to the latest release in a basic MSI project.

    The upgrade is only valid with the latest release, because it patches a file introduced in that release.

    Previous releases have one release flag, MAIN

    The latest release has two release flags: MAIN,UPGRADE1

    In the right hand panel of the minor upgrade designer, there's a panel 'Release Flags', which claims: "Associating a Release Flag with this item will allow you to optionally exclude it from the build."

    So I enter the flag UPGRADE1, expecting that that will only include the upgrade on the latest release.

    If I try to build a prior release, though, I get a patch validation error about the file introduced in the latest release.

    If I remove the upgrade item altogether, the validation error goes away. This suggests to me that my release flags are being ignored, and that the upgrade item is being included in all builds.


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    Hi Tim,

    I am having a very similar problem where it seems that all features a being included despite release flags. Did you ever get to the bottom of this?


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    I have also found the same behavior to be true. This seems as if it should function the same as the Release Flags property at the Feature level, but the behavior exhibited is that it completely ignores the release flag property in the Upgrades view for any upgrade item.

    Any help from anyone at Macrovision?

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    This is a known issue, issue #1-DYE9O, that should be fixed in a future release.

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    was this issue fixed ? I could still see the issue in IS 2014

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