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Thread: The Concept of patching

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    The Concept of patching

    Sorry if I'm flooding the forum, but that's the only way to learn right

    Can someone point me to a whitepaper or something about how the patching works ? The documentation is a bit too brief on the subject, and I haven't managed to find anything on the web on my own.

    What I want to do is this:
    I'm releasing version 1.0.2100 now (first release), sometime later there will be build 2200 (or something like that). At that time I'd like to distribute a brand new complete setup, together with a patch from previous setups. Then when build 2300 comes up, I want the patch to be able to patch from any previous version, ie from 2100 and 2200 as well. The situation I want to avoid is the need to install incremental patches if a users misses one or two intermediate ones.

    Same idea as with XP service packs, you don't need to have SP1 in order to install SP2.



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    The InstallShield patches will have a patch history, so you can take any user from one old version to the newest version. They will not have to install all the patches in between.

    There is much written in these forums on this topic. Do a forums search for patching in both this forum and the InstallShield X Express forum for patches. (and make sure the search doesn't go back just 30 days!). I'd suggest reading through all those to get an idea of how it works and the problems people run into.

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    I know this comes too late

    But in case someone else is looking for the same information.

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