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Thread: Having issues with custom installation on ISv11

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    Question Having issues with custom installation on ISv11

    My name is Donald Macauley, I am currently repackaging some installshield 5.5 lagacy applications into a features driven custom msi installation. I pretty much have all the repackaging done except that my msi package which has multiple features would allow me to select the custom button during installation but it would not display the features for me to choose which features I want to install. I am running out of time for delivery. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Repackaging does not maintain all installation logics built into the legacy installation, and it, by default, attempts to have everything in a single feature, if there are not too many files; otherwise in a link-list-like feature structure. Since the installation settings (INSTALLDIR, what features to install, etc.) are determined during snapshot phase, it does not make sense to allow users to change any settings. As a default option of repackaging, the UI (or number of dialogs) are reduced to the minimal. If you have tweaked your repackaged package to the extent that the defaults don't really work for you, you may want to repost your question in AdminStudio forum, and provide additional information.

    In the future, you may want to post your repackaging questions in AdminStudio forum.
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