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Thread: Show Readme doesn't work

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    Show Readme doesn't work

    Hi -

    I'm considering purchasing this product... if I can get it to work. Is anybody out there?

    I am resorting to launching my .hta application with the "Show Readme" parameter in "Setup Complete Success" in the Dialogs pane of "Customize the Setup Appearance" in the Installation Designer. This should work, but unfortunately I can't get the browse for the Readme File to show any files at all. Not even any .htm files? It says that the file must be associated with the project in the Files view. I have done this already, but it just plain doesn't work.

    Has anyone else gotten this feature to work? Thanks!


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    This appears to be a duplicate of another posting. Please see response there.

    As an FYI, this forum is where fellow end-users of the product assist each other.

    While evaluating the software, contact Macrovision's InstallShield Support team at (847) 413-2896 for support.
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