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Thread: Skins in 10.5 / Basic MSI?

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    Question Skins in 10.5 / Basic MSI?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to change the skin of my Basic MSI Project in 10.5 Professional.
    There is no skins node at all in my dialog view. It seems as though 50% of the time the help file points me to something that isn't in my project at all.

    Here's the help file, which says "Select the Skins Node" and nothing else:

    And here's my dialog view, which has no skins node at all.

    How do I go about skinning a basic MSI project?

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    Alas, skins are available only for InstallScript and InstallScript MSI projects; those little icons near the page title (to the right of "Specifying Dialog Skins") are supposed to indicate the project types to which the topic applies...

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    I've been trying to figure out how to enable a dialog skin in my Basic MSI project off and on for a couple of days. It would have been nice if the help file mentioned it was incompatible with Basic MSI projects.

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