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Thread: Trying to Build Installer With a File at 625mb+

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    Trying to Build Installer With a File at 625mb+

    A few days ago I tried to build a quick, easy, and painless installation program through the cheesy wizard in Visual Studio .NET. Whenever I tried to build the program with all the proper settings it would return an error saying there wasn't enough space. I know it can't be memory or disk space as I was building it on my server with 2GB of RAM and 1.8GB of that free at the time and 45GB free disk space running with Admin privledges. So, I get off my lazy bum and use InstallShield X Express, instead. (Very handy program for this kinda thing, by the way, even if it is on the pricey end for a 'company' composed of 5 people <.< )

    I run through all the options and get that set up properly, then build on CD-ROM, Custom, SingleImage, and WebDeplyment releases all with the same result. Setup.exe will run but when it gets to the MSI file it will drop out saying "The wizard was interrupted before [ProductName] could be completely installd. Your system has not been modified... blah blah blah" With the "Finish" button at the bottom.

    That's my problem, now this is what's causing it: What I'm trying to build the installer for is a game client. The client folder has 1840 files amassing at 776mb, uncompressed. File sizes average about 1kb to 10mb in size, the single deviant of that is a single "data file" (data.chh) which is a slightly compressed folder containing a few hundred thousand files for the game. This data file is 626mb alone... I've tried to build the installer without this data file and it works fine. Great, I can build it.. just without the core file. And when I include the data file, the MSI drops out.

    Is there a work around to this? Some option I forgot to set for the larger than normal file size? Or am I at a dead end with InstallShield and MSI files? <.<


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    This is probably a disk space option. When setup.exe runs, it needs to decompress the MSI files to the user's temp folder. If the temp folder runs our of space, you tend to get errors like you are seeing. I would make sure the computer you are running the setup on has enough disc space on the drive where the user's temp folder is located.

    If you are making a setup to run from CDROM/Network location, Use one of the DVD or CDROM media options with Compress Media set to yes. This will create a setup that does not require setup.exe to decompress any large files, however your setup will be consist of between 5-7 files instead of 1.

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