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Thread: Launch Program option

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    FritzDR Guest

    Launch Program option

    InstallShield 3.03: When running the distributed release on a test machine, the install procedure display the 'Launch Program' option. Selecting this option does nothing. However, going into the folder/path I specified during 'Build Your Release' and running setup.exe produces the results I need. How can I get this to run as part of the installation procedure? Thanks.

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    I am not quite sure I understand. Are saying that when you run your setup on a test machine, the "Launch Program" option does not work. But when you run it on your development machine (the one that has Expess) it works properly?

    In the Dialogs View, did you specify which file the installer should launch (Setup Complete Dialog)? If so, is this file Dynamically linked in the project?
    Chandima Rajakaruna
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    FritzDR Guest
    Your response was enough to answer my question. Thanks.

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