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Thread: Difficulty Removing Old Installed Versions

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    dmwarner Guest

    Question Difficulty Removing Old Installed Versions

    We are using ISX3.03 to create a single msi installer package. Lately we have encountered problems where previous installations are failing the uninstall process (either though Add/Remove programs or the installation of a newer version).

    Here are some additional details:

    - With every new release I append a new Upgrade Path by pointing to the previous msi package. I am not ignoring the remove failure.

    - Upgrade codes always stay the same. With each new release a new Product Code is generated and the Version is incremented.

    - For machines that have incrementally upgraded with each new release, everything works fine. For machines that are trying to skip several versions we encounter difficulty with removing the old existing version.

    - During the uninstall process (for failures), a prompt to point towards the old msi file is displayed. If we provide the path to the msi everything works ok. However, for our current network environment this is not always possible. The path to the msi refers to a network location that is inaccessible for most user machines. Again when doing incremental upgrades (without skipping versions) the uninstall does not prompt for the previous install. We only see the prompt for the msi when skipping several versions.

    - Every release is a full install. We are not trying to do patching with 3.03 ... though we are considering an upgrade to ISD.

    What it comes down to, is we need a way to deploy the application ontop of any older versions and not worry about the uninstall failing. I hope I've provided enough information to start a discussion. I'm looking forward to the respones as this problem really has me stuck.

    Dave Warner
    RR Donnelley and Sons

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    hofmann Guest
    If I understand you correctly, the problem doesn't appear if the old msi file is available. I don't know if this feature is already available in ISX 3.03 and if this is an option for you, but in ISX 3.5 you can specify to have the msi file permanently installed on the users machine.

    I had similar problems with patches and upgrades (not done with ISX) and the only way to circumwent the problems was to make the msi file permanently installed (at that time I had to provice my own bootstrapper to do this).



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