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Thread: Two places for files

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    trimstad Guest

    Unhappy Two places for files

    I have two main folders in which I want the user to install components. The main one for exe’s etc. and a custom one. I have two globals one for the main dir the user wants and one for the custom dir the user wants. I fill in these globals via two GUI screens successfully. But now I want to put some components in one directory and other components in the other. What is the best way to change where a component is going to be installed?

    I am using ComponentSelectItem and ComponentMoveData to select and then copy out the components.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I'm afraid you have the wrong Newsgroup

    I assume you are using InstallShield Professional. If so try posting this at


    If you are using Developer 7.0 try


    Hope you find your answers there.
    Chandima Rajakaruna
    Macrovision Corporation

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