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Thread: Internal Error on Installation

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    Question Internal Error on Installation

    I've created an install for our VB app with 3.03. I had no problems loading it on the test box, and 2 user machines. During the 3rd install it gives me an Internal Error 2755.1631 at the install cd directory and a file name of "Database.msi".

    I'm trying to narrow down my search and don't really know where to start. I've looked at the possibility it's a windows installer error, but that doesn't really compute because the 3rd client machine was imaged with the same specs as the test box.

    And I've combed all installshields knowledgebase to no avail. Any help greatly appreciated.

    Sabrina Sexton

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    This is a Windows Installer error that is documented as "Server returned unexpected error [2] attempting to install package [3]."

    So I assume your project name is "database"? Try changing this name. "Database" could be a reserved Windows Installer word (because it DOES have a Database Object) which chokes it randomely. If you still have the problem after changine the product name, try copying the entire CD to the local machine and running the Setup from there. Might help narrow down the problem.
    Chandima Rajakaruna
    Macrovision Corporation

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