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    petaluma Guest

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    I'm working with the Basic MSI Project to do installation regardless if a previous install exists or not. I bump up the version number and changed the Product Code; hoping that the install will be a fresh one, which means it should remove the existing one and then install a new one. But the result is that the Install Shield did not remove the existing one, but installed a 2nd copy of the installation.

    Anyone can think of something I might have missed?

    Thanks for your info.


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    You'll want to look into major upgrades, which do what you're describing. By default, MSI uses the ProductCode value to identify a product; any two products with different product codes are considered unrelated unless you populate the Upgrade table, which is what the major upgrade process uses.

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    petaluma Guest

    Thanks. Works now.

    After keep the Upgrade Code the same, it works as expected. Thanks for your help.

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