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Thread: How to sequencing a rollback custom action in a merge module

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    WISeAgent Guest

    How to sequencing a rollback custom action in a merge module


    I'm authoring a merge module using Installshield Developer 7.04 and I have written some CAs in the merge module. For each CA, I need a rollback CA to reverse the CA action in case of failure.

    I have got no problem doing it in standard and basic msi projects, by simply sequencing the rollback CA infront of the CA to be rolled back.

    But in a merge module, I don't have the control over the ordering of different CAs. In my case, all I can do it to place both CA and its rollback CA before "InstallFinalize", but I can't explicitly ordering rollback CA infront of the CA it's going to rollback.

    I'd like to know:
    1. can I have a rollback CA in a merge module and have anyone out there done it?
    2. I'm expecting the answer for Q1 is yes, but how to do it and how do I know it can make sure the rollback CA is called when rollingback?

    As an example, I've got a CA name CA_Notepad which will launch notepad.exe when called. It's rollback CA named CA_Rollback.

    CA_Notepad: in-script execution is "deferred execution" of MSI type is 1058
    CA_Rollback: in-script execution is "rollback execution" MSI type is 1314
    both CA are placed before "InstallFinalize"


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    go to the direct editor

    tables ModuleInstallExecuteSequence and ModuleUIExecuteSequence

    specify your ca there
    field after: 1=after, 0=before
    field baseaction is the action the field after refers to

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    WISeAgent Guest

    Problem Solved

    G'Day _doog_,

    I thought BaseAction can only be standard action. Thanks for helping me out again.

    I realized how silly I was when gone back to MSDN and revisit the reference to ModuleInstallExecuteSequence Table agian. BaseAction column can contain a standard action, and custom action as well.


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