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Thread: Error 1905: Failed to unregister

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    jweath Guest

    Question Error 1905: Failed to unregister

    I created a .Net setup package using ISE 4.1. The installation works fine. It's the uninstallation that is giving me problems.

    When I attemp to uninstall my program the following error message is displayed:
    Error 1905: Module 'c:\My Program\my_Program.dll' failed to unregister. HRESULT - 2147220472

    My program is an ArcGIS extensions. On My_Program.dll property menu under "COM & .NET Settings" I have choosen "Self-Registration", Installer Class = Yes, and Com Interop = Yes. I aslo have the <COMRegisterFunction> and <COMUnregisterFunction> in my code to perform the self-registration and self-unregistration.

    Does any one know what's going on?

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    JoeKowalski Guest
    I had the same problem with my DLL created with MFC using OLE 2.0.

    I had too add the DllUnregisterServer(..) function to my DLL in c++. I used some code from codeguru or the codeproject to do this.

    Installshield tries to unregister your DLL when uninstalling. This is the same as typing "REGSVR32 your_program.DLL /u" in the DOS prompt. If this doesn't work installshield will give the error you described.

    Does anybody know a way not to let installshield try to unregister your DLL ?

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    when you see that dialog, check if the file exists or not.

    it could be possible that the file which you are unregistering was deleted before you unregister it.

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    I'm having the same issue. The file does not exist at the time the install is trying to unregister it.

    How do I avoid this error message?

    Should I create a custom action that will unregister the file while it is there? And at what point would I run that custom action?

    Or is there a way to just suppress the error message?


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