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Thread: Failed to download delta files

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    Failed to download delta files

    Not sure if this is an InstallShield or vBuild issue, so will post this under both Forums.

    We have an install created with IS Pro 7 and packaged with vBuild 1.0 that is run from a web page. Actually we have over a dozen of these and users have been installing this software this way successfully for quite a while now.

    One of our users just reported getting the following error when trying to run one of the installs:

    Cannot apply update: Failed to download delta files. Installation will now terminate.

    I'm not even sure where to start on this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Alon Guest
    The first thing to verify is that the user who experienced this problem is experiencing it in a consistent way, and is not a one-time (or temporary) problem, indicating he has some networking problem. Second thing to do, if possible, is to verify that other users in the same network (if that user is a corporate user) do not have any problem.

    Assuming this is already done, the next thing to do is the following: Ask the user to add a registry entry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\RedBend\DBender\LogFilePath with a string value of some valid folder (e.g. c:\vBuild) and in that folder create a file redbend.ini with the following two lines:


    Then re-run the installation (it is better to run it twice, though not mandatory). A redbend.log file will be created in the same folder. That file, along with the media on the server should be sent to us (U can use to e-mail it to me, or if too big than to provide me with FTP information or to get from me FTP information to upload the data. Using this we can verify if the problem is pure networking problem (in which case it is either an environment problem or an InstallShield bug) or a vBuild bug.

    Information on both machines, of the end-user and on the server, might also contribute (e.g. OS, HTTP server type).


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