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Thread: SdFeatureDialog woes

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    dsalonius Guest

    SdFeatureDialog woes

    I'm calling SdFeatureDialog during my installation to let the user choose what features to install. Unfortunately, if the user chooses to change the destination path to a different drive letter, the INSTALLDIR property is not updated at that time. The dialog box uses drive C as the choice for determining if there is enough disk space, and if there is not - it won't let you go past.

    To clarify:

    current path: c:\

    Space Required 100000kb
    Space Available 50000kb

    The user selects Drive Space, and chooses Drive D: - the screens says:

    current path: d:\

    Space Required 0kb
    Space Available 2000000kb

    If I set INSTALLDIR to svDir after the function is called, and the user clicks Back - when they return to the dialog, the new drive's (D:) space is reflected.

    So it seems that when the user chooses a path in the SdFeatureDialog, the path is not used in the space calculations within that screen - what gives? I found a user who reported this behavior back in February but with no response.

    Thanks in advance for any help,

    David Salonius
    Well Control School

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    csgollapudi Guest
    I have the same problem with devStudio9.0. I saw a kb article saying it is fixed in developer8.0 and abaove but apprently is not fixed I guess!.
    I an using an istall scipt project.

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    Oct 2017
    I encountered the same issue but with Installshield 2012. Were you able to find a resolution to your problem?

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